Mini Interview

Hi Tibi, can you give us a short introduction please.
I'm 26 years old, I live in Barking, London and I am currently employed as an Art Director at Magnificent Films.

Can you tell us on what you worked so far, and maybe on what are you working now?
Well so far I've worked on a couple of casual games, one for Alawar Entertainment called "Passage to Mystical worlds" and one for Gogii games called "Jill and the Beanstalk " a title that was canceled unfortunately.I also worked on a children's game for P2Games called "Ben and Holly" .At the moment I am working with Letharian Studios on a title called "Wake up call" and although we are just at the beginning I think it's going to work.

Are you self-taught? Or did you learn in school?
I have majored in arts at West University but due to the lack of funding in state schools I am mostly self taught.

Did you start with traditional drawing and painting techniques and then slowly transfer them over to using the computer? If so how did you find this process to the digital medium?
I had been sketching and drawing mainly when I was younger, but changing to use the computer happened because I thought it was really something new and wanted to try it. I thought that digital painting was really convenient, but the process of changing really took some time to adapt to a personal style.Besides i draw by hand even today

What are you plans for your future career?
Learn as much as i can, become an individualistic illustrator, my own style, my character. I would love to art direct a game or a movie and I also have an interest in illustrating children books.
Papp Tibor
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